Monday, 24 February 2014

The Stallion - Roger Lever

On a recent trip to the Shetland Isles I thought it would be only right to seek out a Shetland pony. It doesn’t take long to find one in Shetland.

I was heading south towards Sumburgh lighthouse. Weather cold wet and windy. 10 miles down the road I spotted two ponies and pulled over. These were stallions very proud guys with dreadlocks even. The lighting couldn’t be much worse.

Camera at the ready, wellies and storm jacket. Question - should I use a long or a short lens??Hiding my camera under my coat I advanced.

Question did I have the right lens on my camera? 85mm fixed Nikon lens - Question answered, the inquistive ponies came to me.

Problem TOO CLOSE Its beginning to rain again - Get back in the van Roger. So after a chat to them I returned to the van to wait. They both started eating the rough grazing and retreated a short distance.

Having had our chat they were quite happy to stay back this time. Rain eased off a little so I could safely take my camera out from it’s hiding place.

Trying to get a pony against the sky and still retain some of the distant Shetland landscape was the plan. I fired off a dozen shots at various angles and exposures before the rain came on again GAME OVER.

I downloaded the files when I got home . A quick search to identify potential good images. Of the ponies, this one stood out more than the others a quick conversion to black and white and a few tweeks on photoshop created a bit more drama and here we have it.

Roger Lever

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