Monday, 31 March 2014

Scottish Nature Photography Awards - Allan Wright's a Winner!

Galloway Photographic Collective member, Allan Wright, has won first place in the Scottish Landscape Urban Greenspace category of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards:

Allan says of the image:

"This shot revealed itself whilst at Glasgow Green late October last year. I was updating my Glasgow image bank around the Clyde Walkway and the People's Palace on what was a fine crisp autumn day with a rich and intensely colourful light quality. At the time I thought it was good find, but only later appreciated it was also quite an eloquent description of a significant , if less well known part of Glasgow's heritage.

"The St Andrews Suspension bridge makes an appearance as do the brand new "des res" apartments along the restored riverbank habitat. The benign steaming chimney of the Strathclyde Distillery may dominate but it does not diminish the sense of tranquillity. The only element missing is an olfactory blend of autumn ripeness and distilled malt fragrance!

"Most of all though I like the fact that this is a picture of the "Glasgow Gorbals", a catchphrase universally synonymous with the worst of urban squalor and deprivation. An identity now resigned to legend, as here is the new reality. Glasgow is good at stuff like this!"

Allan Wright

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