Monday, 14 April 2014

It's not all just point and click... - Kim Ayres

These days, pretty much everyone is a photographer to one degree or another. The rise of digital photography with cameras on phones that have auto-focus, auto-exposure, image-stabilisation and even face-recognition mean, for the most part, so long as we wave the camera roughly in the right direction we'll capture an image that's approximately what we set out to get.

And if someone clicks often enough, eventually by sheer chance alone, they can end up with a reasonably decent image.

But for the professional, leaving it to chance isn't what it's about. Years of learning and practice hone skills. We learn to narrow the odds and craft an image so we can go beyond the reasonably decent to the excellent - again and again

For the kind of photography I do, it's not just about capture - there is a great deal of creation going on. I don't just mean in the construction of sets or choosing of outfits or locations, but also in constantly making adjustments to the lighting and composition once the shoot has begun.

Additionally, when photographing people, the thoughts, moods and feelings of the model also need to be taken into consideration and worked with. Portrait photography is not product photography - the relationship between the photographer and the model will have an impact (positive or negative) on the outcome of the shoot.

So I will take a photo, adjust the light, take another, move an object, take another, ask the model to turn this way or that. And so it goes on - adjusting, revising and tweaking until eventually I reach a point where I'm satisfied every part of the image is as good as it can be.

In a recent photo shoot, the model's brother videoed it with his camera and kindly gave me the footage, which I was able to edit down into a wee 2 minute video.

Hopefully it will give you a taste of what goes on during a shoot and how it's not just point and click...

Video of the shoot

The final photo

Kim Ayres

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