Monday, 7 April 2014

The leaning glass or the level horizon? - Roger Lever

October 2013 Crete.

Having endured a Scottish summer of non stop rain and family bereavements my wife and I decided that we needed to boost our endorphin levels by visiting one of our favourite destinations. Paleochora on the South Coast of Crete is a must for those who want to get away from the crowds of Northern Crete and it is almost guaranteed to have sunshine. Even in October the water is still warm enough to enjoy a pleasant dip in the Aegean. ‘Apres Swim’ of course is an absolutely necessity after burning up all those calories on the beach!! Indulging in Cretan wine with a healthy salad followed by yoghurt and honey. Bliss.

The camera does go on holiday as well of course and it seeks out those unusual images that just happen to present themselves here in this wonderful mixture of the old and the new.

We sit overlooking the sandy beach enjoying our wine and watch the sun go down over the western horizon. The colours start changing and the sky turns pink, orange, purple and wow if you look through the half empty/half full wine glass, the sun is in focus just disappearing with its tiny reflection in the distant Aegean Sea.

Using my towel to steady my camera I played with the exposure, the focus and the framing. I tried to capture the colours as they were continually changing This image is just one of several that I took.

Now comes the intriguing bit. Was the stem of the glass bent or the table tilted. Maybe it was a trick of mine in post production in photoshop or had I had just too much wine? Which do you think? One other question for the geographers amongst you.

Was it the Aegean Sea in the West or was it another sea?

Roger Lever

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