Thursday, 22 May 2014

Allan Wright - Spring Fling 2014 - Studio 42 on the Pink Route

For my Spring Fling this year I decided to try a new technique, using an adaptive digital technology technique. I will be showing these "adapted" images along with a selection of unadulterated new classic and abstract material as archival quality framed and loose hand prints.

I have experimented off and on over the years with the various presets and filters available from Photoshop. I would do this in an exploratory way to see if the experience of viewing of the image could be enhanced without it looking fake or simply "messed about with". In truth nothing really ever took my fancy and so I pretty much left the idea behind until a few weeks ago when I discovered something new and more interesting than anything I had seen before.

After a few long sessions trying this and that post-processing adaptive technique with some of the more recent additions to the Photoshop armoury, I settled on a rather bold textural enhancement method that I thought rather triguing. The trick was more about choosing an image that responded to this enhancement and there were very many abandoned attempts as a ventured through my image files in search of suitable material.

I am aware this style may, in terms photographic purism, be a risky departure but I have never been much of an adherent to highly orthodox views of anything and so I will put myself in the hands of the public and let them decide if I it is a valid expression or not.

I am also aware of a need to define my fine art work from my more familiar and commercially popular descriptive landscape work and so visitors to my studio will see a clearer distinction in style and pricing between my popular landscape work and my more aesthetic material.

Coffee will be good as will Lorna's homemade biscuits. I look forward to seeing you.

Allan Wright

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