Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Leeming and Paterson - Spring Fling 2014 - Studio 32 on the Pink Route

Landscapes Old and New - Iceland and Galloway

Our Spring Fling exhibition this year is a combination of the latest phase of the Zero Footprint portfolio – including a special digital sneak preview of the book to be released in September 2014 - and some of the images taken on our trip to Iceland last October. Inspired by the idea of juxtaposing images of one of the earths oldest landscapes (Galloway) with ones of a very new land mass (Iceland) we think this is another project that will go on for some years.

Below is a brief description of the trip, come along to our studio to hear more stories and discuss venues and future workshops there.

After many years of wanting to visit Iceland and waiting until we had enough time to do it justice, we finally decided (inspired by an episode of Top Gear of all things) to just go for it and take a short break during last October. After all, that way, if it lived up to our expectations we would make time to go back for longer when then opportunity arose.

I had a few days out there prior to Ted arriving – with my mum, brother (also a keen photographer) and sister-in-law during which time there were limited photo opportunities, the kind where you jump out of the car and a couple of minutes later there’s some shuffling and horn tooting and general “have you finished yet?” looks. Even this resulted in some nice shots, the light dusting of snow offering a pleasant contrast to the steep black mountain slopes - given my freedom I probably wouldn’t have got far past the first lay-by.

When Ted arrived we managed to start the more photographically orientated part of the trip with stops scheduled at the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon and the black sands at Vik. The long road east was fascinating with an ever-changing landscape of everything from old lava fields covered in vegetation to black flood plains, volcanoes to glaciers.

Many hours later we arrived at the lagoon, an incredible glacier fed lake full of icebergs, colours ranging from clear, white and blue to ice blackened with glacial moraine. On the other side of this lies the beach (nicknamed the iceberg graveyard), where multiples of broken off blocks float out to sea on the tide or wash up on the shore itself. Wrapped up in full winter gear we spent several hours here, getting a drenching by the occasional wave – they really do come out of nowhere - before heading back for our fifth arctic char meal of the week.

We returned there for dawn the next day and were rewarded with fairly still conditions, ensuring another few hours sped by before returning to our digs for the legendary Icelandic breakfast.

Finishing up here we started heading back west for our stop in the Vik area. Thrashing waves, black sands and rock stacks kept us well entertained for a couple of days, with the nights interspersed with knocks on the door for aurora
alerts. Unfortunately the skies were pretty cloudy so we only had a small slither visible from land although we were rewarded with a spectacular show on the airplane home. Safe to say we left Iceland with heavy hearts and are already planning our next trip this autumn.

Leeming + Paterson Photography

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