Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Phil McMenemy – Spring Fling 2014 – Studio 29 the Pink Route

Its Spring Fling time again!!

Its funny but every year, and this is my sixth, it creeps up on me and catches me almost by surprise.

The SF is one of the most important and exciting events in my calendar. It’s one of the very few weekends over the year where art, culture and the artists themselves are front and centre stage.

Generally artists work alone and plough a fairly lonely furrow but this one event is one where one feels part of something larger, part of something more meaningful. I am fortunate that many folk come and see me out in Laurieston – and nearly all of them remark on the wonderful scenery, the quiet of the roads and the joy of visiting working artists in their own studios. This contrasts quite starkly with people’s normal experience of art – the SF is hands-on, personal and fun but also important to us artists.

The preparations for me start months before the event – messages sent, plans planned, images selected – sizes, styles and numbers chosen – and always, always trying to make this years Fling a better experience for the visitors than the last one – its a challenge. Pre-match nerves are always there, the anticipation and the planning take over:

Have I done the very best I can?
Are my windows clean?
Are there enough snacks, drinks, wine and stickers?
Will my signs stay erect and proudly direct people my way for the whole weekend?
Will my mother manage to look after the boys in my absence?
Will it stay dry so folk can wander the garden and sit outside with a glass of something cool?

I think we can control some things in our lives but there are some things beyond our control!

However, I hope that folk come and visit me in the heart of the Stewartry and view lots of new work, alongside old favourites.

Its great meeting and making friends (and I have made friends via the Fling) - its good to share my view of Scotland and also hear people’s opinions and thought of it too.

This year I have been very busy with the new gallery which folk can view and have also concocted a wee competition for youngsters to take part in.

Come visit me at Laurieston in the heart of wonderful Galloway – you will be welcome.

Regards Phil x

Phil McMenemy


  1. An excellent insight into the frantic build up to the big weekend - cheers Phil and see you soon.

    1. Hiya SF.
      Its exciting, daunting, anxiety-provoking and a whole heap of fun all mixed together. Thanks for the kind thoughts - hope you guys can enjoy the weekend too! love philx