Monday, 5 May 2014

The Spider's Prey - Roger Lever

Have you ever walked through grassland with heavy dew on the ground and seen hundreds of spiders webs there. woven with precision amongst the blades of grass?

Next time you do then I suggest you get on your knees and have a closer look . You might see one of these little chaps having breakfast.

I am no expert on spiders but we humans like to give things names. This might be what is called a labyrinth spider but please correct me anyone who might know the real name. Anyway, if you just happen to have a DSLR camera with you and a close up lens attached, get yourself down on your knees in the wet grass and search around.

Find your subject and advance really really slowly. Use manual focus with a suitably low ISO setting. This will give you as much sharp detail in your final photo as is possible. If you are really clever you can rest your camera, focus and shoot even if your exposure happens to be a bit long. Your spider is unlikely to move.

If you have luck on your side at the same time you might get a similar shot similar to this one.

Be patient and take a whole lot of images.

Vary your focus.


Roger Lever

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