Monday, 11 August 2014

Giles Atkinson - So, What if it rains?

When I first started shooting weddings back in 2008, before each wedding the same question always crept into my head 'What if it rains?'. Back then in the lead up to a wedding, I would watch all the weather channels religiously and had several different weather apps on my phone.

Photographing someone's wedding is stressful enough without having the additional concern of the weather, so I announced to my wife, Lynne, 'I think we should move to Florida'...the sunshine's sunny 365 days of the year!

A bit of an overreaction? Well...possibly.

Something I learned quite quickly from the Scots was their acceptance of the weather and I would say, generally, it's not the Scottish folk, who worry about the rain, but the English folk who come to Scotland to get married! The Scottish attitude is very much...'well if you dinnae wan rain on yer wedding day, dinnae get married in Scotland!'

What I have come to realise is that the odds are pretty high, if you are getting married in Scotland, it's probably going to rain!

So, I made a very conscious decision to embrace the rain, and I now have a collection of different brolleys that I always keep in my car!

Once I had made this decision, it gave me a new creative freedom, colourful brolleys, reflections in puddles, raindrops on cars, dramatic skies, people dashing through the rain, the photographic opportunities...endless!

Find some shelter, trees are great (as long as there’s no lightning!) or even the best-man with a brolley. Even if the umbrella strays into shot this is something that can be easily removed during post-production.

This may seem all very optimistic, and when the wind's blowing a hoolie and the rain is horizontal which has been known to happen, you do need a 'Plan B', portable lighting and a corner of a marquee may be all you have, but as long as the people you are photographing can keep smiling and embrace the weather...'So what if it rains!'

Giles Atkinson

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