Monday, 29 September 2014

Giles Atkinson - Have you thought about Group Shots?

At some point when discussing a couples wedding day, we always come round to the inevitable ‘group shots’ discussion.

I have always been a little torn about these, the creative side of me finds them boring and to be honest, more often than not so does the Bride and Groom! All they really want to be doing is to be getting on with the important job of celebrating!

Although, they can be boring, at the same time they are important, it’s not often that you have all your friends and family together in the one place and who knows when they will all be together again?

I decided this year that I wanted to inject some more creativity into the group shots to make the experience a little more fun as well as memorable!

I had first started thinking about this back in 2011 whilst shooting the group shots for Tessa & Fabio at Castlemilk in Lockerbie. They asked for a shot with all their friends striking the ‘Blue Steel’ pose from the film…..Zoolander!

Following this, whilst shooting bridal prep, a bride asked me if we could recreate the poster from the film Bridesmaids? A quick google to see which picture she was talking about, then after the ceremony, we found the ideal spot, not too far from the reception.

 So earlier on this year, whilst talking to Amy and Duncan about their wedding in the summer at their farm, we started to hatch a plan for a shot of them with their bridesmaids and ushers.

Duncan was to supply the hay bales and I would supply the smoke grenades! This was one of those photos where everything just came together. I love it because there’s lots going on and it keeps the viewer engaged.

For me this is a much more interesting ‘Group Shot’ and hopefully more people will see what's possible and think more about their Group Shots.

Although,  I can't expect to do away with the more traditional style group shot favoured by the parents and relatives, I would always encourage at least one 'fun' shot per wedding. Provided the couple are up for it then the possibilities are endless!

Giles Atkinson

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