Monday, 22 September 2014

David Moses - Keep It Simple Stupid

I’ve got a real buzz about simplicity at the minute.  It’s in everything I do - from portraits and landscapes to cooking dinner and trimming the hedge.  I don’t know where it’s came from but it’s like a hook that I’m hanging everything on.

This is a very good thing, by the way.  Having a hook to hang yourself on gives you a way to approach any challenge - photographic or otherwise. So my hook is simplicity, sounds simple right?  Not quite.

This image is my favourite from a recent shoot for Dumfries & Galloway Life Magazine.  It’s a very simple headshot of Walker Miller, a vet from Stranraer.  By focussing on his eyes and filling the frame with his face you get a real sense of intimacy in the picture.  There is a very direct address between the viewer and the subject which I think makes for a powerful image. 

In terms of lighting it couldn’t be simpler.  He is sat just inside the doorway to his stable.  If you look closely you can see me standing just outside the doorway in the reflection in his eyes.

I find that by keeping things very simple it allows me to interact with my subject.  I can wholly concentrate on finding their character and capturing that.  I think with this portrait I achieved that.  It’s so important in portrait photography to give your subject time.  They need to relax and trust you if you want to get an image that is meaningful.  

Simple composition, simple lighting = all your attention on working with your subject.

To sum up, if you want to improve your photography just imagine me giving you a KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - so that you can concentrate on the more important things.

David Moses

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