Monday, 1 December 2014

Giles Atkinson - 10 Christmas ideas for the photographer in your life.

Everyone knows a photographer, whether they be an old hand or a budding new talent, well if you are stuck for Christmas present ideas this year, here's a few ideas that might help!

1. Photographers Coffee Mug - You can't beat that first cuppa in the morning, unless of course it's served up in one of these fancy photographer mugs.

2. Gorilla Pod - The amazing Gorillapod when you need a tripod to work in the most awkward of positions there's only one tripod you need.

3. iPhone Camera Lens Kit - The iPhone camera is pretty fantastic but add one of these lens kits and it become something really special!

4. Lenspen - Regardless of what camera you use, at some point you are going to need to remove dust or greasy fingerprints of the lens. I can highly recommend the Lenspen.

5. Digital Picture Frame - A great way to show off photos, rather than having them sitting hidden and unseen on a computer drive somewhere.

6. Camera Bag - You can't fail with a Lowepro camera bags and they even come with with a lifetime warranty.

7. Handmade Camera Strap - What about a new camera strap? Have a look at some of the beautiful handmade camera straps on the Etsy website.

8. Inspire 1 Drone - This should keep 'em busy! the latest drone from DJI a snip at just £2380 will shoot up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos with the built-in Inspire 1 camera.

9. GoPro - Who wouldn't want a Go Pro? Get the latest Hero 4 Full HD Action Camera.

10. Portable Drive for storing images - It's always advisable for every photographer to backup all their photos to an external drive(s), you only need one computer crash and all your images to be lost forever to appreciate this! I always use Toshiba drives.

Giles Atkinson

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