Monday, 26 January 2015

Roger Lever - In the Street

Lets face it, most people these days seem to have some way of recording images and probably the most common is the mobile phone. So often we see images on TV News reports that have been captured on mobile phones. Unfortunately the quality of these is not very good. It doesn’t matter what your recording device is with a little effort you can achieve some great results.

My son is an expert at extracting his mobile phone and suddenly getting himself into unusual positions in the middle of a street (Get the angle!) taking several images and then carries on walking and talking as if nothing had happened. On a busy street it is surprising that most of the people on that street ignore this unusual behaviour. Using Instagram he manipulates his images in lightning quick time and then posts amazing photos on facebook the next day.

So what happened? Well he is an expert you see, at looking at what surrounds him. As he is walking he spots things most ordinary people miss, the cat with the funny face, the dog nonchalantly cocking its leg on someone’s plastic bag, the unusual reflections in the shop windows, the amazing facial features of the two big guys with 2 foot long beards or the shaft of sunlight creating amazing shadows in a narrow alleyway. Even if we do notice some of these things most of us would not think of taking a photo.

This week during the Big Burns Supper celebrations we have set a challenge to the over 18’s to get out their mobiles and cameras, capture some great images and enter them in the BBS photo competition using Instagram.

I can't wait to see the results and I will be fortunate to see them all, but then it’s a case of choosing the best and that will not be easy.

Here are a few tips

  • Make sure your mobile or your camera is fully charged and has plenty of free memory. 
  • Keep your eyes open and alert
  • Move around and find unusual places to take your photos
  • Choose unusual angles
  • Keep smiling
  • Be polite  “would you mind if I take a photograph of you?”
  • Good luck

Roger Lever

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