Monday, 9 March 2015

Giles Atkinson - A Pinch of Tiger

I've always had a camera, well, as far back as I can remember! I haven't always been a wedding photographer. I have always enjoyed photography in any form and I really don't need much of an excuse to whip out a camera and start shooting! For this blog I've decided to show something other than wedding photographs.

Back in November, last year, we decided to take on a rescue dog from the Canine Rescue Centre in Dumfries and unwittingly he has become the latest subject for my photography which no doubt has come as a great relief to my, long-suffering, children!

’Chilli’ is a 10 month old lurcher, although being a rescue we're not entirely sure what mix he's made up of. Looking at his size and markings he’s probably Greyhound crossed with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I suspect there’s a pinch of Tiger in there too!

Lurchers, originally bred for hunting deer and other small furry animals, are traditionally half sighthound and half working dog, making them both fast and intelligent. So the real challenge for me has not just been trying to capture Chilli in motion but just capturing him at all!

A beautifully agile creature who's most happy when he's running flat out through the woods or in a field. I'm looking forward to improving my 'wildlife’ photography over the next few years!

Giles Atkinson

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