Monday, 20 April 2015

Giles Atkinson - Holy Smokes

We've had a slight change to the GPC line up with Lynne taking a back seat, at least for the short term, and welcoming new member Holly Burns, who specialises in Fine Art Photography, her stunning ethereal images speak for themselves.

So with these changes to the group it was necessary for a new group shot, I jumped at the chance!

This also gave me an opportunity to have a shoot at the stunning St John’s Venue in Castle Douglas a recently renovated church “mixing 19th  century architecture with a contemporary interior to make a unique community venue”.

So having had the permission from Amanda, the venue owner, that I could use smoke grenades, the collective met up on the Monday evening for the shoot.

Now the use of smoke grenades for a photoshoot isn't an exact science, or if it is…I missed that lecture! So having setup the lighting and positioned everyone, I let off not one but four different coloured smoke bombs just to make sure! I managed to fire off a couple of shots before we were quickly engulfed in an orange fog! The whole church filled with smoke and we were forced outside! I wasn’t particularly happy that I had got the shot I was after and ventured back inside the Church to see if the smoke had started to dissipate, the smoke wasn't going anywhere!

I guess one thing I have learnt from being a wedding photographer is that you need to think on your feet, to be able to adapt to the environment and to know my equipment. Having gone to the back of the hall the orange mist hadn't quite worked it’s way down and was creating an amazing foggy atmosphere. I quickly rejigged all the lighting and used the studio lights to back light the shot  came up with this pleasing result..

A big thanks to Amanda Ansbro who had the church doors open trying to clear true smoke until 10pm that evening! If you are interested in booking a larger wedding venue in the centre of Castle Douglas St John's Venue is definitely worth a look.

Giles Atkinson

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