Monday, 27 April 2015

Roger Lever - Wedding Photography - getting to know me

There are some weddings that are just very special and I am privileged to have been in a position to take photographs at them.

For me it is the whole process of being involved with special people. It is not only about the bride and groom, it is about their friends and family as well.

For me a pre-wedding photoshoot is a 'get to know each other' situation. It gives me chance to take some special intimate photographs of two people in love in the weeks and months before their wedding.

Often I meet the friends and family beforehand and again at the rehearsal where things are usually very relaxed and informal.

Yet another opportunity to take up a few special shots before the big day.

The whole thing comes together on the big day and by that time I am not just a man with a camera.

I can get a real feeling for this special occasion.

Roger Lever

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  1. every photo suggests a story - so much more than simply capturing an image.