Monday, 21 September 2015

Allan Wright - Skye at Last 6 - more images from the Misty Isle

Almost forgotten how good last summer was so by way of a reminder us here is some work I did last year as part of my "Skye at Last" Odyssey.


Raasay is an island I have had in my sights for a while - often seen as a beguiling presence in views from Applecross. It has acquired a bit of mythology by way of one its beloved fathers a certain Calum MacLeod B.E.M who single handedly with only a pick axe and wheelbarrow carved out a mile or so of amazing road to his wee settlement in the North (after the authorities refused to help) Took him 10 years and there is now a best selling book "Calum's Road" to tell the story. I cycled to it and did a wee tourist thing, big warm sunny hebridean day it was - bucket list #44 √.

Always on the look out for old tractors, dead, dying or still working. They seem to be at peace in the landscape and should I believe be allowed to die peacefully on the land they have worked all their life, here at Husabost I came upon this beauty. Complete with original trailer I guess this its final resting place!

Spring and Autumn are the most productive times and I am naturally always up for a bluebell image. The headlands of the Skye Coast are rich in distinctive shapes and I wanted to set off this view to the North West from the path between Portnalong & Fiskavaig with some Spring decoration. There are 2 distinct parts and some exposure challenges to this image, hoping I got the balance about right ?

Later that same day I was back at Fiskavaig sizing up a view to North West across Duirinish. I set up a time-lapse sequence of this rather splendid sunset which I will publish sometime soon! Always a good feeling when you have something good in the bag as you wearily trudge home across rough moorland thinking intently about what's for supper.

Portree is a bonnie wee toon right enough and has been done to death with all the usual views! so what to do about that - really I was not sure. I have been on the look out for some mist - always a good prop for creating uniqueness but this restless summer its has refused to deliver on its promise (where have I heard that before?) - misty isle my backside..! Imagine my surprise and excitement when I rolled up for an evening stroll round the harbour and found the moon in fully resplendent across the bay.

Ventured down the well worn path to the Neist Point Lighthouse for a closer look - feel of abandonment and dereliction pervades the place - seems there has been a self catering business here with units converted from the old keepers quarters etc.

A window completely blown out by a recent storm no doubt, so, being a nosey parker I stuck my head in the vacant window, foosty smells and a surreal scene out of a dark movie presents - never a dull moment on Skye.

Allan Wright

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