Monday, 7 September 2015

Giles Atkinson - Documenting Weddings in a Reportage Style

The part of photographing a wedding that I find the most enjoyable is the documentary ’reportage’ element. I like capturing moments as they happen, to tell a story of the day in its truest form, and without any interference or input from me, the photographer.

Reportage photography also captures the emotion and connection between people, something I look for between couples at weddings.  Once the couple forget that I'm there, some wonderful shots are there for the taking.

So, the challenge for me, at a wedding, is to try and blend in and make myself as unnoticeable as possible. Once people have become used to me being around I can start capturing these natural images.

During the ceremony I am looking for glances between people and aiming to emphasise the key character with a short depth of field.  When I am in a crowd, I am looking for those people telling jokes/stories not to photograph them but to catch their audiences reactions.

It's not often people see pictures of themselves when they are laughing, so I am always looking to catch these moments, showing wedding guests having a great time.

Wedding speeches are another favourite of mine, they are always an emotional time with speakers talking from the heart and the best man embarrassing the groom!

Every wedding is different and brings it's own special challenges to keep me on my toes, and is one of the main reason why I love photographing weddings.

Giles Atkinson

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