Monday, 9 November 2015

Giles Atkinson - Surely you can just Photoshop that...

Photoshop seems to get a bad rap in the press, with models being made to look superhuman before going on the front page of glossy fashion magazines. It is however a valuable tool for photographers to master.

As a wedding photographer there are always certain group shots required and I always make sure I get a list from the bride and groom before the big day. It's important that I know exactly what shots are required and I can get them done quickly and with the minimal amount of fuss. No doubt someone will want the occasional extra shot, like 'All the Grandchildren with Granny' or 'All the Aunties' which, of course, I am always happy to oblige.

A couple of years ago now, I was contacted by the sister of a groom, a little after the wedding, she'd been a bridesmaid and had wanted a photograph with her brother. An additional photograph that had been overlooked in all the excitement.

There was a group shot of her and her brother with the other bridesmaids and she wanted to know if I could remove the other girls?

At first glance this seemed easy enough..

Masking out the groom and then cloning information from the grass, trees and low wall, it was easy enough to remove the two bridesmaids on the left. Although the trees are repeated this is something that will disappear once the image is cropped in.

The next issue was the sister's elbow which was originally hidden by the bridesmaid's flowers. So before I removed the last bridesmaid, I borrowed her elbow and re-jigged it enough that it could replace the missing part of the sister's arm.

That done, the sister is masked and then the final bridesmaid is cloned out with the trees, wall and grass from the right hand side. Finally a tight 7x5 crop removed any duplication in the picture.

The sister of the groom was delighted with the finished result.

Yes, You can Photoshop it, but it is a painstakingly long process and I would much rather get the shot in camera from the very start!

Giles Atkinson

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