Monday, 14 December 2015

Holly Burns - Road to Free Range!

Being a full time photographer requires much more than merely taking photographs. We must wear many different hats in order to become successful. It is not enough to simply rely on our technical abilities; we must become skilled at promoting ourselves too.

At City of Glasgow College, my 4th year honours class and I decided we would shoot for the stars for self promotion and aim for a spot at Free Range. Free Range is a special project in London that provides new creative graduates with the opportunity to showcase their work on an international level. It has become the number one platform for the next crop of creatives to showcase their work to both public and industry.

In order to raise the sizable amount of money in which it costs to exhibit there, firstly we decided to hold a photographic auction at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow. We asked many photographers (including our tutors and ourselves) to donate works for auction.

We managed to come together as a group and curate this auction and raised an incredible £4000. We now look forward to arranging our exhibition at Free Range! I now know that we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Upon reflection, as a group we learned to successfully organise an event, to publicise and to put ourselves out there in order to attract buyers. We managed to successfully attract several key sponsors, including Deadly Digital, Tunnocks, Lidl and Street Level Photoworks and their imput proved invaluable.

Through my studies I have developed both my photographic skills and also essential business skills. With so much competition in the creative industry, our ability to publicise and promote ourselves is paramount and should never be considered secondary to our technical skills.

I’m really proud of our class that we managed to pull it all off and to have done it so well! I hope our combined efforts reap the benefits of self-promotion and achieve greater exposure.

Holly Burns

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