Monday, 22 February 2016

Laura Hudson Mackay - An Introduction

We are delighted to welcome Laura Hudson Mackay as the latest addition to the Galloway Photographic Collective. Here is her first blog entry for us, which will give you a flavour of her style and approach.


I have always used photography as a way to see more deeply. Whether working inside or outside the studio, being immersed in photography enables me to slow down. We are all aware that at times, there is much unrest and disquiet in our world and through photography I find myself looking at how I might express another way; one that speaks of peace and quiet, stillness and rest in the midst of the rat race of our present day living.

Through my work I explore Time. Time past – memories, romance and nostalgia, time present - storytelling and examining the everyday familiar, and time future - an imagined world created from hope.  Advances in technology have changed our relationship with time – clocks, watches, public transport, smart phones and the internet can provoke anxiety about our ability to exist in the present moment.

I am inspired by the Eastern world’s concept of time, which is very different from the West. In the East, time is a much looser concept, more open, elastic, subjective, mystical. Contrastingly, to exist and function in the West, time's inflexible principles and rules must be observed, by working to deadlines, dates, days and hours.

In a similar vein, much of my work is inspired by the Celts and their mystical wisdom. Being from the North of England, and living in Scotland encouraged me to discover that much of our inherited spirituality came from the Celtic period.  Although it seems that the greater part of this has been lost, in more recent times there has been a rediscovery through a surge of interest, as people again look to regain their roots.

I moved to Dumfries and Galloway in 2013 from Glasgow, having studied History of Art at London Art College and Illustrative Photography at Glasgow College of Building and Printing. Since graduating in 2006 I have exhibited widely and completed a variety of commissions.

Laura Hudson Mackay

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