Monday, 7 March 2016

Allan Wright - Skye at last 7

Having been at my desk a lot since Christmas I was getting itchy for some wilderness connection and my "Skye at Last" project just needed a handful of winter inspired location to complete the shooting. I had been groaning daily at the tediously unhelpful weather forecasts until I one day I saw my chance.

The immensity and presence of Blaven (Bla Bheinn - the blue mountain) had kept me at bay until near the end, but on the chosen day my enthusiasm was curbed by the unproductive gloomy light, I chose instead to amble down to the nearby hamlet of Drinan near Elgol to see what I might see.

Expectations were not high but by chance I caught a couple of ubiquitous Cheviot ewes managing to look quite meaningful.

A highland cow then presented its classic profile against a great coastal backdrop, then to top it off, beneath the cliffs I find a sheltered bay with aquamarine depths peacefully hosting a tidy little red sloop anchored in perfect situ.

You just never know what's coming round the corner.

Later the sky cleared and the temperature dropped triggering the decision to camp up near Torrin in readiness for an early assault on the foothills of Blaven. By 11pm though, pure moonlight shone intriguingly over the mountain, it was a cool and interesting spectacle which instantly invited some experimental exposures.

One of the shots I took included the streaked headlights of a car travelling round the edge of the loch beneath the brooding majesty of this "midnight mountain" In particular though, I was hopeful of catching it in dawn light and winter plumage.

Optimistically, I got up at silly o-clock in minus 5c and had a go at it. The obvious angle didn't work but I noted that North from where I was the Alt na Dunaiche burn tumbled from the foot of the mountain, All the ingredients were there so I was optimistic about catching a classic waterfall image with Blaven as the backdrop.

After scrambling about trying various angles and struggling with decent foregrounds, only back in the studio did I find I had something usable.

Torrin is in an enviable setting, it touches the tranquil shores of Loch Slappin and nestles beneath giants of both the Black and the Red Cuillin ranges.

It just feels agreeable, maybe its the traditional vernacular cottages and low impact enterprise.

A relaxed atmosphere permeates the settlement, and at its heart the picture is completed with the help of an original red telephone box.

Allan Wright

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