Monday, 18 April 2016

Laura Hudson Mackay – Save the Date! Spring Fling, Studio 50 on the Orange Route.

Dumfries and Galloway’s Open Studio event Spring Fling is just a few weeks away. May 28-30, 2016, 10.30am - 5.30pm each day.

What to expect: See my latest work ‘Visions of Time’. Plus a ‘Little Box of Time’, a MAKlab collaboration, will be on display along with #windowstills. Cake and refreshments provided within the peaceful grounds of Abbots Tower, a 16th Century Tower House.

As a photographic artist exploring time, I am often asked why I shoot almost exclusively in black and white. The short answer... it is timeless.

Black and white photography is all about form as it elegantly simplifies the image. Any distracting colour is removed and the image left is raw, stripped back and honest. Colour photographs often suggest a specific era, so by taking the colour out of an image it makes it more difficult to put an exact date to it – making it timeless.

I choose to shoot both digitally and with traditional film cameras, I find shooting with film brings a whole different perspective to my photography, forcing me to slow down. Graininess and imperfections on the images are charming turning each photograph into something organic and unique.

Being in the darkroom with its red glow and its bottles, timers and trays gives me a creative playground in which to set my imagination free. Some might say that by working like this, I’m stepping back in time, but for me it’s a deliberate choice and one where time stands still.

Inspiration comes in many forms, but almost always in black and white. From watching old films or looking at images in books and magazines, to studying works by other photographers, my eyes are often stopped still by the bold and beautiful simplicity of black and white. To me black and white photography is clean edged, sophisticated and always appropriate.

Come and find out more as I open the doors of my working studio, gallery and darkroom for Spring Fling…

Directions: From Dumfries, follow the A710. Just before the village of New Abbey, turn left and follow signs for Landis Farm. Take the driveway to the right of Landis Farm entrance. Abbots Tower is situated approx 200m along the driveway, behind the farm.

Laura Hudson Mackay

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