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Tom Langlands - Celtic Life International and Galloway Photographic Collective

As a photojournalist I am a regular contributor to the Canadian publication Celtic Life International ( My relationship with this magazine goes back around 9 years and stems from a passionate interest in Scotland's landscape, wildlife, people and its culture. From that has grown an even greater interest in all things Celtic - at home and further afield - and a much fuller appreciation of what 'Celtic' means.

This has led me to explore Scotland's history from the time of the Picts, Celts, Vikings and Romans and on the back of that knowledge to explore further afield into such areas as the Celtic region of Galicia in north-west Spain. It all paints a fascinating picture of a culture that forms the foundations of who we are today.

Through my work and relationship with Celtic Life International I like to explore, photograph and write about the modern Celtic world that I inhabit. It is a world of fascinating people, amazing wildlife, outstanding landscapes and inspirational arts. I also enjoy working alongside and engaging with other people who 'see' the Celtic world that I inhabit in different ways - irrespective of whether or not they have Celtic roots themselves. It was that approach that led me to become part of the Galloway Photographic Collective.

The Galloway Photographic Collective is a group of photographers who all live and work in Scotland but in some instances with links and interests further afield. What we all have in common is a desire to use the medium of photography to explore the world around us and to interpret in different ways what makes that world the way it is.

With my photojournalism background and my links to Celtic Life International I produced a three page spread on the Galloway Photographic Collective for the latest magazine that has just been published (June 2016). It explains who we are, what we do and our respective photographic interests and approaches. It would be pointless to reiterate the content of that article in this blog and hence below is the article in full. I do hope that you enjoy the read.

Please click on the individual pages below to read at full screen.

For anyone that is interested I can thoroughly recommend this magazine. It deals with a variety of interesting topics pertaining to all things that have Celtic associations. The magazine can be ordered online and delivered to your door via Celtic Life's website at You can also follow it on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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