Monday, 15 August 2016

Allan Wright - New material from The Capital City

Recently I set myself to work on new stuff for various Edinburgh projects due for an image refresh. I enjoy city/street work more & more these days and fortunately I never seem to tire of trying to suss out new angles on familiar places, I try to be always ready for the chance encounter I guess I sort of treat it as sport.

The National Monument Calton Hill.

Early start on Salisbury Crags, nothing dramatic going on but noted the warm, low directional light hitting the pillars. I grew more interested in the potential on noting the placid surface water on the Forth & steaming condensation rising from an industrial zone on South Fife. I like it when there is an element of juxtaposition and or “contra” subject matter within an image.

Musselburgh Esplanade

Having gently cycled round from Portobello I was struggling to catch any significant architectural forms to work with so took a moment to chill in a beachfront park area and glanced back towards the city. A partially silhouetted public art curiosity comes to life with some theatrical cloud action and heavenly rays exploding behind it.

The Edinburgh Trams

Some alert jay-walking was required to catch the Edinburgh Trams presence. Their quiet smooth trajectory adds grace to the night scene here on Princes Street.

The Meadows

Always enjoy a stroll through this chilled out zone here in the heart of this elegant city. Its location is a complex crossroads of pedestrian routes and recreational action. Never looks the same it always delivers people watching material in abundance, it’s all going on, all the time.

Fettes College

A bit of a legend for different reasons, its turrets are loaded with pictorial power, gaining notoriety in a scene set in one or other Harry Potter films. Arguably now rather infamous, being the seat of learning for our disgraced ex PM Tony Blair, the stripey red blazers are a conspicuous symbol of privilege especially as more egalitarian principles are hopefully being embraced, at least in Scotland that is. It’s graduates also include Christian Salvesen and perhaps more comfortably on the conscience, it also delivered Tilda Swinson.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

An impressive venue for its illustrious collection I particularly like this bizarre but engaging neon lit statement shouting out from the wooded grounds. A message worth bearing in mind.

Allan Wright

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