Monday, 30 January 2017

David Moses - Day in the Life Photography Sessions

With documentary family photography, it's all about taking time and enjoying the day to day routines and little moments. Finding the things that your family does and recording them is what Day in the Life is all about.

Having a professional come and spend time documenting your family is a very different thing to taking photographs yourself. When you invite me to come to your home and work this way, you are in the pictures too. The images become about the relationships in your home, the interactions and the emotions.

Who are Day in the Life sessions for? Families who don't want the usual 'say cheese' images. Parents who want to preserve their children as they are right now. Families who want to do something fun, unique and special. Parents who are creative and appreciate photography.

So how does it work? I arrive for breakfast time and stay with you until the kids go to bed. You will have a day of doing whatever you want - if you want to stay at home then that's great, if you want to go for a bike ride, to the shops, walk the dog, play board games, bounce on a trampoline, read books, walk in the park, whatever your family wants to do.

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David Moses

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