Monday, 6 March 2017

Laura Hudson Mackay - You Can Find Me in the Forest...

Straight out of fairytales, forests are places where people can hide away or get completely lost. They are silent and beautiful in a weird and ancient-feeling way.

Spending time photographing in forests takes me back to my childhood and hearing my parents say those wonderful words ‘Once upon a time’. When they read to me, a doorway opened in my imagination that has never closed. As an adult, I still read fairytales, but also study them, researching folklore, myths and all things magical.

Bringing together my love for these stories and photography, I’ve begun a journey, crossing cultures and linking both the traditional and modern Celtic and Arabian storytelling themes. The project, ‘Confluence’ is an international collaborative project, which sits within Upland’s overarching programme of international development.

Together with Scottish storyteller, Anne Errington, Moroccan photographer, Houssain Belabess and Moroccan Storyteller Mehdi El Ghaly, we are creating a body of work based on the many themes, which link our traditional stories and cultures. And, just like the characters from fairytales setting out on a long journey, over the sea and mountains, and finally descending through thick forests, to eventually arrive at their destination, ‘Confluence’ is an exciting adventure leading us on a journey of discovery.

You can follow the story here  or search #confluenceupland 

Laura Hudson Mackay

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