About us

We see things differently.

It’s the nature of what we do.

Each photographer in the Galloway Photographic Collective has an individual approach, style, technique and vision, but there is a vision that we all share.

Together we are embarking on a journey to make Galloway’s most prominent professional photographers more visible and more accessible. We are showcasing the diversity, the skill and the photographic talent to be found in south-west Scotland.

We are working together to highlight the captivating photography produced in this beautiful part of Scotland, to inspire and mentor others, to promote the skill and expertise of photographers and to raise the profile of photography as an art form.

Allan Wright is based in Castle Douglas and is one of Scotland’s foremost Landscape Photographers. He has been photographing Scotland and his adopted homeland of Galloway for 30 years and has developed a distinctive style of interpreting landscape through his use of colour and his handling of light

David Moses is based in Newton Stewart and is primarily a portrait photographer, specialising in lifestyle images for families, although he is also frequently called on by Dumfries & Galloway Life magazine for his engaging editorial shots.

Holly Burns is based in Newton Stewart and creates composite narrative images. Using photography as a starting point, she builds her pictures by photographing the different elements and layering them up with careful attention to lighting, mood and storytelling.

Kim Ayres is based in Castle Douglas and creates images that look like film stills, album covers or storybook illustrations. Working with people to get the right outfits, props and locations, along with Photoshop editing, anything is possible.

Laura Hudson Mackay is based in New Abbey and specialises in black and white art photography. Working with both film and digital cameras she passionately documents fine detail, paying particular attention to structure and form. Laura also has a base in Morocco from where she provides photographic tours of the ancient walled city of Marrakech and nearby High Atlas and Sahara desert.

Roger Lever is based in Dalbeattie and enjoys pursuing a wide range of photography from portraiture and weddings to landscapes and wildlife. His big project at the moment is "1000 Faces Scotland" where he seeks to create a living tapestry of life and the lives of people in Scotland today.

Tom Langlands is based in Annan and is a wildlife photographer, taking us deeper into the world of nature rarely seen by most of us. He is also a writer and his photography and journalism work have appeared in numerous publications in the UK and overseas

Viridian Skies is based in Kirkcowan and is run by Jesse Beaman and Helen Cockburn. Stituated near the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, they sell Jesse’s Astrophotography images and run Astrophotography and Stargazing Tours.

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